Howard Gaukrodger

the new Author from downunder

My Story

“You’ll need to get a proper job,” my parents told me as I neared the end of my education. But within a year of securing this “proper” job, I’d quit and was travelling the world. What I learnt quickly was that a career needs passion, and mine lay in seeing wild, unspoilt places, and in meeting people of every race.

My journey as a multi-linguist has taken me from the UK and the mountains of Norway to the deserts of Morocco, and from the jungles of Thailand to the forests of Canada and Brazil. But it was the antipodes that won my heart: first New Zealand, and now Australia.

This passion for travel is a passion for knowledge. It feeds my desire to write and provides a bottomless well of experiences to share with you, the reader. I hope my novel brings a smile to your face in these difficult times. If you’d like to encourage others to enjoy the story, please consider leaving a review.