Thrilled to be contributing to this anthology of fiction short stories on climate. Intended for showing at #COP27, the anthology will also be available at online stores and selected bookshops. It’s been a great journey.

My short story, The Desert Spiral Initiative, is the tale of a humble Berber farmer in Siwa, Egypt, whose idea of crop spirals is picked up by an authority on sustainability and turned into an international project to re-green the Western Desert. The outcome? Well, you’ll have to read the book 🙂 There’s also an audio version of The Desert Spiral Initiative.

I really enjoyed the collaboration with author/publisher Denise Baden and Steve Willis from Herculean Climate Solutions, and am delighted to see my work given a spot next to the more illustrious authors, Kim Stanley Robinson, Paolo Bacigalupi, and others.

Our hope is that this exciting and entertaining anthology will stimulate climate discussion and trigger ideas for climate mitigation. The book is also great for upper school level, as discussion of the topics will really engage young, dynamic minds. Look out for mention of it at COP27, in the Sunday Independent, and at Australia’s Global Climate Summit this week. #climate #climateaction #greenstories #writingcommunity #publishers #literaryagent #sydneysummit #climatefiction #fiction