Business Awards

These awards relate to my design of the Quality Assessment System (QAS).

Elevator Pitch Contest Winner, 2003. Award: start-up business advice.


Technology New Zealand, 2005. Award: funding contract to aid the professional development of the QAS.


Research Awards

Bryant Trust Scholarship, 2008. Award: three-year scholarship to support my PhD research and fund annual enrolment fees.


Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences Research Scholarship. Award: funding to support fieldwork and analysis.


Patents Awarded

2003: NZP 526824 "The Correction Code Toolbar"  - a task evaluation add-in for Microsoft Word.

2006: "The Quality assessment System" - a feedback and reporting administration tool.


PhD thesis - Howard M Gaukrodger2012: PhD thesis: “Providing computer-assisted, two- way feedback in formative assessment: an innovation supporting best educational practice”


Howard M Gaukrodger - NTLT conference presentation - QAS - 20112011: Academic paper: “The Quality Assessment System”. Presentation at National Tertiary Teaching and Learning Conference, Nelson, NZ.


Going Bush in the Long White Cloud by Howard M Gaukrodger2005: Novel, non-fiction: “Going Bush in the Long White Cloud” 320p. ISBN: 1-4116-5301-7