The Silence of Forbidden Rapture

The Silence of Forbidden Rapture
Howard Gaukrodger 25.02.14

She appears before me, lithe and relaxed,
my eyes are fogged by insecurity.
I penetrate her mind longingly, lustfully,
as the air becomes heavy with silence.

I stand unashamed for I know her truth.
“Quit boring me with platitudes,” I urge
her head towards mine, our loins on fire,
in this endless pain of silence.

A tender embrace, we seek to become one
as she presses my cheek to her breast.
While my heart shouts “I love you”, I whisper
lest I break the necessity of silence.

When she doesn’t respond
my desire burns ardent, lips too parched to protest.
“Patience”, she breathes, “our time will come,
and with it my breaking of silence.”