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“The new author from Downunder”

by Howard Gaukrodger

“Hey, Sam! You heard about that new Kiwi author from Oz who used to live in Norway?”
“He’s a Brit.”
“Oh, well, that explains it.”
“Seems he’s written some interesting stuff.”
“Oh, yeah? You read ‘im?”
“I’m waitin’ for his book called “Campervans Gone Wild” – sounds pretty cool. You know, funny. Not your normal travelogue stuff.”
“Uhuh. Has he done anythin’ else?”
“Well, he’s into climate change ‘n all that, and he’s done some short stories. One of them’s a spy story, so, yeah, he knows ‘ow to write. But it’s his background wot’s interestin’.”
“Yeah, travelled all over the world, speaks more languages than I can count, and he’s got degrees from…”
“Bright spark, then?”
“Yeah, he’s one to watch, that one.”
“Maybe we should have a read, then.”
“Yeah, I reckon.”


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‘Campervans Gone Wild’, a humorous travel novel from 2021, awaiting publication. Ivan the Tank, a veteran campervan, proves he’s still got what it takes in the face of storms, mountains and characters that jump off the page.

Short Stories

A selection of short stories from my early writing days (500 – 1500 words): romance, espionage, childhood and more.


Thought-provoking poems, including a sestina, found poem, journal poem, exhibition contribution, romance and mystery. Written for fun and practice in 2014.


If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.

– Nelson Mandela

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Currently writing a short story with Herculean Climate Solutions that may be submitted with 10-12 other authors' climate stories to COP27. Great initiative by HCS. Hope the anthology is accepted & can be disseminated to schools for education #Writerscommunity #ClimateCrisis

Congrats, @evelynaraluen "First Nations poet Evelyn Araluen wins the 2022 Stella Prize with a 'wild ride' skewering colonial mythologies" #WritingCommunity #Writers #IndigenousPeoples https://theconversation.com/first-nations-poet-evelyn-araluen-wins-the-2022-stella-prize-with-a-wild-ride-skewering-colonial-mythologies-182120

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