Global Dawning/ Convergence

1 May, 2024

Excellent read, Very original and entertaining. Howard knows the climate facts and he has put them masterfully in the stories. So not only a great read, but also educational. I would love to have the bear Maluk!

Pauline Hanekamp

Response from Howard Gaukrodger, Author

Thank you, Pauline. Great feedback. I hope your words encourage others to enjoy reading Maluk’s story, too.

Desert Spiral Initiative

31 January, 2023

I had the book “No more fairytales” ordered from Amazon. It arrived yesterday so I jumped to the story penned by your goodself – The Desert Spiral Initiative. During my career at —– the climate was and remains something close to my heart and having just now read your story, I just wanted to say I very much enjoyed it, to the point it left me wishing it was a full blown novel. Maybe you *should* develop it into a novel!

Steve Beaman

Response from Howard Gaukrodger, Author

Thanks for your great review, Steve. I’d love to develop the story into a novel. I’ll talk to the publisher 😉

Global Dawning

12 January, 2023

Creator of the ‘cli-fi’ genre: “I love it!”

Dan B

Response from Howard Gaukrodger, Author

Thanks for evaluating the novel, Dan. I’m thrilled it hit the right note.

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